A Few Quick Tips for Choosing Wooden Shipping Crates

Wooden shipping crates are not all alike, even though they may appear very similar; this is why it's good to know your options when you're ready to shop for wooden shipping crates. Some crates can be used for more than just shipping your items, and even simple shipping crates can come with many features. Note a few quick tips for choosing wooden shipping crates so you know you get the right choice for your company's needs.

For trade shows

If you want to bring your items to a trade show, one of the most important features of your wooden crate will be strong casters or wheels, so you can easily move the crate from your vehicle to your booth. You also want to consider doors that remove rather than just swing out, as you may not have room in your booth for doors that swing open. Crates can also be made with compartments and drawers that fit your products in particular; consider inside compartments for artwork, posters, and other items you need to bring to the trade show and not just your prototype or product. This can ensure all your materials arrive safely and you don't need to transport as many items in other containers.

Display crates

If you're shipping items to be sold on a retail store floor, consider display crates. These may be made of a higher-quality wood that has a more pleasing appearance than cheaper plywood, and they may be embossed with your company logo or a slogan. They may also be made to fold open and have hooks, slots, or other details that help to actually display your items. This type of crate will eliminate the need for a display rack or shelving, so consider investing in the cost to have it custom made if necessary.

Storage vaults

A storage vault crate will be made with a reinforced bottom and will usually have hooks or fasteners that go around all sides, to ensure the crate stays intact when stored at a warehouse. This is important as you may find that another product is stacked on top of yours when your crate is warehoused, and you need something reinforced to keep the crate intact. Invest in thicker, sturdier plywood for a storage vault crate and ensure it's properly marked as to which end is up and which side opens, so that it's stored properly when in the warehouse.