What To Consider When Looking For A Transportable Building For Hire

Portable buildings are a blessing when it comes to providing shelter for field sites in hardship areas such as mines, farms, and construction sites. They not only save you on costs, they also allow you to set up your site fast. If you are looking to hire portable buildings, here are some of the factors to consider as you look around.

Interior furnishing

Most transportable buildings for hire come pre-furnished with whatever utilities one may need. Accommodation houses come with beds, kitchens are fully fitted with cookware, ablution units have toilets and showers, and so forth. As you look around, be sure to inspect the interior furnishing to ensure it fits your needs in terms of capacity, space, and tastes. For some units such as portable homes, it may be possible to choose between different furnishing options.

Air conditioning

Most transportable buildings are made from metal, either steel or aluminium. As you can imagine, most of these units end up outdoors under the harsh sun. It therefore goes without saying that air conditioning is vital for these units to be habitable out in the field. Check whether air conditioning is installed in the unit. Also, check whether the installed unit is sufficient for the unit size and the number of people it will be holding.

Stacking recommendation

Stacking here refers to the ability to place one unit on top of the other. In areas where the available space is limited, stacking can become an invaluable quality. However, not all portable buildings are designed to withstand this. So ask your supplier first and request stackable units if necessary.

Transportation by supplier

Another factor to consider is whether your supplier will provide transportation. Some suppliers will include transport costs in their hire price, others charge for transport separately, and others offer free transport within a given distance. Be sure to enquire about this as you compare rates to avoid blowing your budget.

Minimum hire period

And finally, ask about the minimum hire period. In most cases, people hire transportable homes for medium to long-term use. However, short-term use such as one week or two weeks is also possible. Some suppliers insist on a minimum hire period. Consider this as well as you look around for your ideal unit(s).

If you're not planning to install your unit out in the field, you may want to consider whether it will fit in the allocated space at home or in your business premises. You can do this by requesting dimensions and comparing them with your available space.