Modern Air Handling Units for Indoor Pools

That musty smell you might associate with an indoor swimming pool from your childhood has – thankfully – become a thing of the past in many parts of the country. This is because private swimming pool owners and leisure centre managers alike have invested in ever more up-to-date air handling units for their facilities. Of course, an entire swimming pool complex can be exposed to excessive amounts of moisture in the air from evaporating pool water, splashes, spray and the use of showers. However, the air need not be full of moisture so long as modern air handling units (AHUs) are fitted. What are they and what benefits do they bring?

Powered Ventilation

Unlike opening the windows and doors near to an indoor swimming pool, an AHU provides a professional level of air ventilation which maintains the aeration of the pool and its facilities in a managed way. Like a commercial air conditioning system for wet environments, AHUs are often made by air conditioning companies. They operate in a similar way to air conditioning units, too. Powered by electricity, they filter the air and remove excessive moisture while blowing out dry air. Installed at key points in an indoor swimming pool, they create a circulatory system which dries the air throughout a swimming facility and not just in the areas they happen to be close to.

Benefits of Air Handling Units

There are many reasons to install AHUs in your swimming pool. Above all, they make a pool's interior more pleasant to walk into because they stop them seeming dank. In addition:

  • An AHU will lower the level of airborne water that you experience in a swimming pool. This means that heating a pool in winter becomes much more efficient. Because dry air is easier to heat up than moist air, you spend less on fuel consumption to keep your swimming pool in a usable state all year round.

  • They produce great results in the fight against spores. In moist environments, you can spend hours cleaning and scrubbing surfaces to deal with problems like mildew. If you fit an AHU, then such difficulties and wasted effort become minimised.

  • Like an air conditioning system, an AHU is able to keep your air circulating and can cool the air temperature in summer, if needed. For example, if your swimming pool has a glazed roof, then it might overheat in the height of summer.

  • AHUs help to remove trihalomethanes in the air which are formed when swimmers get in and out of the pool regularly whilst they have chlorine on their skin. This makes any indoor pool simply smell better.

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