Understand the Various Components of Car Elevators

Car elevators offer the best option for transferring vehicles from different floor levels. It works well for most architectural projects involving parking systems that have been specifically designed above the street level or within the basement floors. They also work well in car show rooms to shift vehicles from different floors for repair, fitting of accessories, and display purposes. Most manufacturers of car elevators would prefer hydraulic or traction methods based on the requirements and specifications of their customers. Understand some basic components of these car elevators to help you know the best choice that will suit your needs. The various features and components that make up car elevators are control panels, geared traction machine, hydraulic systems, regeneration drive, and a series of modern fittings to make up a complete unit.

The Geared Traction Machine

The mechanism employs the use geared traction machines to perfectly serve in the car elevator industry. The machine uses worm wheel reduction gear box and alternating current (AC) induction motor system. Additionally, the geared traction system works with a high quality lubricant that is durable and offers long term services to the users.

Hydraulic Systems

This component of car elevators does not need a machine room on the upper side of the hoist way. They use compression mechanism with a lubricant fluid. High pressure is applied to either raise or lower the elevator to different floor levels.

The Control Panel

The down system of control panel employs logic to collect all the vehicles while moving in the lower direction. This effect reduces the waiting time and power consumption of the elevator. It also improves the life performance of the equipment making it economical and effective for the user.

Regeneration Drive/Blue Energy Drive

The regeneration drive system is designed to supply power to the grid system which prevents heating the braking resistor. The type of power supplied from the regeneration drive is very clean with low harmonic distortions. Therefore, the power can be used by other elevators and electrical equipment making the process economical for the user. Controlled power will also give the equipment a longer serving lifespan which is a plus to the investor.

The Modern Fittings

The complete car elevator system is well installed with modern push buttons to control either upwards or downward movement, the scrolling dot matrix system, flat panel LED lights in the cabin for easy vision, and a set of seven segment position indicators.

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