Why Choose Cranes That Are Fully Mobile?

Amongst the many benefits of mobile cranes is the fact that they can be moved around easily on a construction site. Although this may seem obvious, there is a clear benefit of this sort of mobility on large sites. Unless you are constructing a skyscraper or only have a small plot to work in, fixed position aerial cranes are of limited use. Of course, there needs to be sufficient room to manoeuvre a mobile crane in between buildings, but on most multi-building construction sites, they remain the most flexible type of heavy duty lifting equipment that is available.

Improving Workflows

Another key facet of using cranes which are mobile is the speed of installation that is afforded by them. For example, if you are fitting solar panels and their infrastructure framework onto the roof of a structure, then the ability to transport all of the kit up in one go means that time and considerable effort is saved. Not only can you position the crane so that the equipment is delivered to the most convenient part if the roof, but you can lift much more rapidly than other forms of equipment, such as scissor lifts. This means that expense that would otherwise be paid out for highly skilled installation operatives is reduced because they have everything they need to hand. In other words, working more quickly doesn't just mean the project is completed on time but reduces your manpower bill.

Lift From the Road

As mentioned, mobile lifting equipment is highly versatile and suited to large sites where you might need to move it around. They are also highly beneficial in situations where you have very little access, as well. For example, if you cannot get any lifting equipment on to the site at all, then a mobile crane is the perfect solution. It can lift deliveries from liftgate trucks that turn up to site from the road and place their contents just where they are needed. If you need to lift from the front of a building and place construction materials at the rear, then a mobile crane, properly anchored to the road with outriggers, will be able to do the job with ease.

Crane Hire

As well as improving workflows and thereby saving main contractors money, hiring cranes is beneficial in terms of longer term cost effectiveness. When you use a fixed position crane, it is a cost no matter whether it is in use or not. On the other hand, mobile lifting equipment, like cranes, can be hired by the day. Since they can drive off to another job elsewhere, you only pay for what you need and an economy of scale is achieved.