4 Things You Should Do When Going to Rent Equipment

People who are planning to rent machinery or equipment need to do their homework properly before they sign the rental contract. This article discusses some of the things that you should do prior to going to the equipment rental firm.

Get Technical Help

You should identify someone who will ascertain the condition of the equipment once it is delivered by the rental firm. This person should be competent enough to detect any flaws that the equipment may have when it is delivered so that you are not charged for those preexisting defects when the equipment is picked up at the end of the rental period.

Prepare the Installation Site

You should also prepare the installation site of the equipment that you wish to hire. For instance, construct a concrete pad on which the machine will be placed once it is delivered. Failure to prepare this site in advance may lead you to incur an extra cost as the delivery crew waits for the site to be readied for the installation. Site preparation should also involve assembling any materials, such as cables, which may be needed during the installation process.

Set a Flexible Delivery Schedule

Many equipment rental firms insist on installing rental equipment when the renter is present. This measure helps them to avoid any issues or complaints that can arise once the equipment is handed over to the renter. It is therefore advisable for you to select a delivery timeframe that is favourable for you and that technical person who will sign off on the delivery documents. Keep in close touch with the equipment hire company to ensure that you are kept in the loop regarding when the equipment is due to arrive at your location.

Confirm Site Accessibility

It is not enough to only prepare where the rental equipment will be installed. You also need to ensure that the delivery vehicle will have access to that installation site. Find out what kind of vehicle will be used to deliver that equipment. Take measurements and confirm that the delivery vehicle will be able to pass through the gate opening on your property. Take any necessary measures, such as creating a gap in the fence, in case your driveway may be too narrow for the delivery truck. This will save you from incurring a surcharge in case the equipment has to be taken back as you sort any accessibility issues.

The suggestions above may be a small fraction of what you need to do in order to ensure that rental equipment is delivered without any hassles. You need to talk to equipment hire firms, such as Master Hire Pty Ltd, in advance so that they brief you on everything that you need to do before you sign a rental contract.