4 Checks That Prolong Refrigeration Compressor Life

You should have your commercial refrigeration system serviced regularly by technicians so that you can keep your energy bills affordable while prolonging the equipment's life. This article discusses some important aspects that technicians check when servicing a compressor in order to keep it performing at an optimum level.

Off Cycle Migration

Refrigerant vapour can migrate into the compressor when the refrigeration system has cycled off. This migration occurs because the compressor is usually cooler than the rest of the components at that time. Compressor lubrication is likely to suffer when off cycle migration occurs because the refrigerant vapour will cause the oil to foam. This problem can be detected by listening for elevated noise levels once the compressor starts. The noise levels off once the compressor runs for a while. A refrigerator technician can fix this problem by installing a new crankcase heater so that the compressor oil can be kept warm during the off-phase of the refrigeration system. Premature wear due to inadequate lubrication will then be prevented.

Relays and Capacitors

Compressors can age quickly if the capacitors and start relays have a problem. For example, a start relay can emit a buzzing sound as it starts because its contacts have pitted. The transformers or conductors within the compressor can also be defective and cause the compressor to start slowly. Testing these components can detect the source of the problem so that a solution can be found in order to save the compressor from premature wear.

Integrity of Electrical Connections

A repair technician can also ensure that the compressors don't fail prematurely by examining the electrical connections for signs of overheating or looseness. For instance, loose electrical connections can cause the terminals to become discoloured. Fixing the loose connections can ensure that the voltage needed by the compressor isn't compromised. Component fatigue due to overheating will also be avoided.

Voltage Tests

Each manufacturer recommends specific voltage ranges for the different components of the compressor. Any drop or hike can shorten the life of that compressor since it will be subjected to conditions that it wasn't designed to cope with. Refrigerator technicians therefore check each phase of the power supply in order to ascertain whether it conforms to the recommendations. Any anomalies, such as inadequate power supply to the refrigeration system, can be corrected before irreparable damage is caused. For instance, a power stabiliser may be installed in order to keep the input power at the right level for your equipment.

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