Reefer Madness: How Refrigerated Shipping Containers Can Benefit Your Florists Business

Whether you run an old-fashioned florist stall on the corner or a multi-million dollar operation spanning several cities, anybody involved in the florist business knows that one of the most difficult aspects of the job is keeping cut flowers fresh. Excessive heat, excessive or insufficient humidity and unsanitary environments can all cause cut flowers to wilt before their prime, and refrigeration facilities are often required to keep the most delicate and valuable blooms in good condition while they await sale.

Ordinarily, installing traditional refrigeration facilities (such as cool rooms) on your property is a laborious, time-consuming and expensive endeavour, but there is an alternative to these conventional refrigeration systems. By hiring or purchasing a refrigerated shipping container (known in the business as 'reefers), you can have a ready-made, ready-to-go refrigeration chamber for your flowers delivered straight to your premises.

What are the advantages of keeping my cut flowers cool with refrigerated shipping containers?


Purchasing a refrigerated shipping container is generally considerably cheaper than having a full-blown flower fridge installed on your premises, even when the costs of transporting the container are taken into account (many shipping container sales services offer free delivery with purchases). If you only need a temporary refrigeration chamber to store overstock during busy periods, hiring a reefer as and when you need extra fridge space can be even more economical.

Instant use

Once a reefer container has been delivered to your property, sited in a suitable location and plugged into a compatible power supply, it is ready to function -- no installation or configuration required. This makes them particularly useful for florist businesses, allowing a refrigeration chamber to be ordered and set up almost immediately if unexpected deliveries or returns come in.


Refrigerated shipping containers are designed to keep all manner of perishable goods fresh during sea journeys that often take several weeks. Consequently, they re fitted with a wide variety of filters, ventilation ducts and anti-bacterial measures (such as ozone generators and UV lighting) designed to prevent the growth of bacteria. This makes them ideal for storing more delicate cut flowers that can fall victim to mould and infection, particularly orchids and other exotics.

Suitable for outdoor use

Reefer containers are also designed to keep their cargoes safe when exposed to the full brunt of the wind and waves, and are consequently enormously durable. This means they can easily be left outdoors in totally exposed locations and maintain their functionality, a particularly useful quality for smaller businesses that may not have enough floor space to accommodate installed refrigeration systems.