Top Tips When Hiring A Scaffold Service

Scaffolding allows builders and employees to work at heights without the risk of falling over. Hiring a scaffolding hire company could seem like a straightforward process. However, there are a wide range of considerations to make if you want a company that understands your operations. Below are some of the considerations to make when hiring a scaffolding hire company. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an easy way to set apart one company from the other. Typically, you will be looking for a company with positive reviews from its customers. Look out for companies with a friendly customer care department, complimentary services and reasonable terms. Interview these customers about the expertise of the company staff. For example, how well do they adapt to changing project specifications? Are they licenced? In Australia, scaffolders must have an operating and high-risk work licence. 

Available Services

Examine the company's services. For instance, what scaffolds does the company provide? The available scaffolding should be ideal for your site. You need a cantilever scaffold if site conditions restrict you from erecting scaffolds on the ground. The company should also provide customised scaffolding design to suit your site. For example, you could need a round scaffold when building large tanks or civil works pillars. Some companies can also offer temporary roofs and encapsulation to protect construction works from rain.

Inquire whether the company will deliver and pick up the scaffold from your site. It is a sure way to reduce the transport costs. The company should deploy experienced personnel to erect, maintain and repair the scaffolding. 

Safety Protocol

The company must observe site safety. One of your immediate concerns should be whether the company has adequate insurance coverage. It will protect you from compensation claims and legal fees in case an accident happens at the site. Ideally, the company should have an experienced scaffolder to act as the site supervisor. The scaffolder will train your employees on how to use the scaffold safely. Additionally, they will inform your employees about the weight limits of the scaffolding. The professional will inspect the equipment after every shift and give the go-ahead if it is safe to use. 


The scaffolding hire company should have reasonable pricing. Typically, you should negotiate for a fixed rate to avoid extra charges during weekends and holidays. For long-term hire, ask the company to discount the daily charge when the equipment is not in use. 

When hiring a scaffolding service, check customer reviews, the available services, the company's safety protocol and pricing. Contact a scaffolding service for more information.