3 Reasons to Use Air Cannons Over Vibrators

If you have problems with material flow in storage silos, hoppers, chutes or bins, then you need to find a way to make your materials flow more easily so that they don't clump up and cause blockages. While you can use industrial vibrators here, you should also consider installing air cannons. What advantages do air cannons have over vibrators?

1. Air Cannons Work on More Containers

Industrial vibrators work well in some scenarios. These devices create vibrations in the container itself. As the container moves, it loosens the materials it holds. This often restores their flow.

However, vibrators won't work well on all types of storage containers. While they can be effective on thin-walled and softer materials, they struggle to work on harder and more rigid materials.

For example, a vibration solution might not work so well on heavy storage bins made from concrete or thick steel. The vibrator might not be able to make the walls of the container shake enough to have an effect on the materials it holds.

Air cannons work on most storage containers. These cannons restore material flow by letting out blasts of air inside the container. The air does the work here. It doesn't matter how thick or rigid the container is because the cannon works inside it.

2. Air Cannons Are More Effective on Some Materials

Vibrations won't always shift some materials inside containers. If you're storing softer, fluffy or lighter materials, then vibrations might not be enough to move them. The same thing applies to materials that tend to stick together.

These materials often absorb vibrations rather than move with them. So, any effects you get will be sluggish at best. If you use air cannons on these materials, then you get more effective results. The blasts of air will move materials that are impervious to vibration.

3. Air Cannons Are Quieter

Industrial vibrators can increase noise levels in your facility. The vibrations they create in your containers aren't silent. If you run a few vibrators at the same time, then you could have a real problem.

Air cannons do create blasts; however, you're less likely to see an increase in noise as they work. For a start, cannons make periodic rather than constant blasts. Plus, the sounds they make are contained in their storage containers; the materials in the containers also dampen some of the noise.

To find out more about these and other benefits, contact air cannon suppliers.