Rainwater Harvesting: Three Crucial Tips for Keeping Your Tank Clean

The cleanliness of your 10000 litre water tank will have a significant impact on the quality of your rainwater. If the container is neglected and the right maintenance practices are ignored, your tank will accumulate a lot of dirt and debris. As a result, the quality of water will decline, making the stored liquid unsuitable for agricultural or household use. Therefore, you should be diligent in protecting your tank and promoting correct upkeep to ensure the safety and health of your collected rainwater. Read More 

3 Aerial Work Platforms that First-Time Construction Contractors Must Know

Aerial work platforms are heavy machinery that enable workers to complete tasks at extended heights without the need for scaffolding. The machines are common in warehouses and construction sites, but they can also be used in cleaning exterior surfaces of hard-to-rich places in skyscrapers. For the safety of workers, an aerial work platform is equipped with a safety belt and guard rails to prevent falls. The equipment, which includes scissor lifts, articulating boom lifts, and cherry pickers, can be mobile or static depending on the type of task. Read More 

Reefer Madness: How Refrigerated Shipping Containers Can Benefit Your Florists Business

Whether you run an old-fashioned florist stall on the corner or a multi-million dollar operation spanning several cities, anybody involved in the florist business knows that one of the most difficult aspects of the job is keeping cut flowers fresh. Excessive heat, excessive or insufficient humidity and unsanitary environments can all cause cut flowers to wilt before their prime, and refrigeration facilities are often required to keep the most delicate and valuable blooms in good condition while they await sale. Read More 

4 Checks That Prolong Refrigeration Compressor Life

You should have your commercial refrigeration system serviced regularly by technicians so that you can keep your energy bills affordable while prolonging the equipment's life. This article discusses some important aspects that technicians check when servicing a compressor in order to keep it performing at an optimum level. Off Cycle Migration Refrigerant vapour can migrate into the compressor when the refrigeration system has cycled off. This migration occurs because the compressor is usually cooler than the rest of the components at that time. Read More 

4 Things You Should Do When Going to Rent Equipment

People who are planning to rent machinery or equipment need to do their homework properly before they sign the rental contract. This article discusses some of the things that you should do prior to going to the equipment rental firm. Get Technical Help You should identify someone who will ascertain the condition of the equipment once it is delivered by the rental firm. This person should be competent enough to detect any flaws that the equipment may have when it is delivered so that you are not charged for those preexisting defects when the equipment is picked up at the end of the rental period. Read More