Reasons Why Stainless Steel Pipes Are Beneficial To Industrial Applications

Pipes are one of the most common structures used in the industrial and manufacturing industry. As a result, you will find they come in a wide assortment of materials so that you can get the right fit for your business' needs. Although plastic pipes are a popular choice, more business owners are finding that steel pipes could offer them added advantages. Stainless steel pipes may be more expensive than their plastic counterparts are, but they make up for this by providing you with enhanced functionality to make your business more efficient. Read More 

Understand the Various Components of Car Elevators

Car elevators offer the best option for transferring vehicles from different floor levels. It works well for most architectural projects involving parking systems that have been specifically designed above the street level or within the basement floors. They also work well in car show rooms to shift vehicles from different floors for repair, fitting of accessories, and display purposes. Most manufacturers of car elevators would prefer hydraulic or traction methods based on the requirements and specifications of their customers. Read More 

Key Considerations When Specifying Custom Solenoids

You may be wondering about the key factors that you should emphasise as you develop a list of specifications for the custom-made solenoids that you would like to order. Read on and discover the important elements that those new solenoids should be based upon. Life Expectancy Every solenoid, like any other component of a machine, has a defined service life. Routine maintenance of equipment therefore involves replacing all those components that have reached the end of their service life. Read More 

5 Tips for Setting Up Fire Safety Training at Your School or Child Care

Fire safety is essential, and if you run a private school or daycare, you may want to arrange a fire safety training course to ensure everyone at your facility is safe. Most fire safety training specialists work with a range of businesses and other organisations, and they can come to your facility and tailor a program to your needs. However, you may want to keep the following tips in mind when arranging the safety training and for once it is over. Read More 

Modern Air Handling Units for Indoor Pools

That musty smell you might associate with an indoor swimming pool from your childhood has – thankfully – become a thing of the past in many parts of the country. This is because private swimming pool owners and leisure centre managers alike have invested in ever more up-to-date air handling units for their facilities. Of course, an entire swimming pool complex can be exposed to excessive amounts of moisture in the air from evaporating pool water, splashes, spray and the use of showers. Read More